Feel Good Productivity - Ali Abdaal



There have been so many takeaways for me; however, here are my top five -

  1. Choose Your Character: Thinking of myself as an explorer has filled me with curiosity over the last few weeks. This has helped me get over being distracted and helped me enjoy some aspects of my job.
  2. Put It On the Calendar / Time Blocking: I have started keeping a journal at work via Obsidian and creating tasks using the same tool. It does help me plan the next steps or reminds me of things instead of them slipping through the cracks.
  3. Will It Matter 10/10/10: I have yet to use this, but I will keep it handy.
  4. Hell Yeah !!!: It has helped me today to say NO to something that would have caused me to context switch to a lower-priority task.
  5. Alignment Experiment: I love this. I pick from this book what works for me, experiment with it, and change the variables if required.

This book is divided into three themes around Feel Good Productivity -

  • Energize
  • Unblock
  • Sustain

The following sections are notes or mind maps I drew to capture key takeaways from each section.