Love Pamela - Pamela Anderson

It is natural and interesting to me to blend feminism and femininity: Learning the art of the tease while holding dear the value of self-worth right alongside it.

I picked up the e-book and audiobook of Pamela Anderson’s memoir, curious about her life leading up to Baywatch and her life after. She gives the reader a frank and honest account of the various decisions in her life that made her into what she is today.


My world was the ocean. And I always had a toe in it.

Pamela Anderson describes her life growing up by the beach on Vancouver Island in Canada and the people that left an impression on her - her parents, next-door neighbors, and grandparents.

The best advice my parents gave me was no advice. They admitted to knowing nothing of my world, my journey My dreams, passions, and purpose. They had no way of bailing me out. They listened, They worried with me at times, They loved me the best they could But it was up to me to find my way through. When I understood that, I was even more free to create my own life. It was a blessing.

She notes the turbulent relationship between her parents and her decision to move out into her own place. This reminded me of another memoir - Becoming Superman, where J. Michael Straczynski leaves his mother and brother because of his toxic father.

Freeing yourself is mandatory before you can help to free others.

She also notes how her early relationships with her boyfriends were always bad.

As I matured, I noticed most of my boyfriends were bad—and progressively got worse. I often wondered why. Did I turn them into assholes? Was I doing something wrong? Did I make them crazy? They would turn violent, mean, cruel, so quickly.

Moving to California

Pamela Anderson got a lucky break by being discovered at a Football game and getting a modeling gig. She was soon invited to shoot for Playboy in California.

Many men courted her when she first arrived in LA, and she describes her naivety in accepting luxurious gifts. She eventually receives timely advice from Mario Van Peebles, which causes her to pursue her own path.

… I said, This happens to everyone! He said, No, this does not happen to anyone…. I think you need to get your things and get out of here. Take only what you brought. There’s more to this story, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to get out of this if you wait too long.

She leaves her mansion and chauffeur in Belair, moves into an apartment, and buys a second-hand car.

She lands her first role in Home Improvement, and success follows with her next role on Baywatch -

The Baywatch years were a blur. By the fourth season, I was the highest-paid actress on the show. Many of the international broadcasters would buy only the episodes I appeared in, so there were “Pamela clauses” in the international deals. Baywatch was shown in 150 countries. At the time, I didn’t even know there were 150 countries. Billions of people watched it, and soon, it was the number one show in the world.

Relationships and Friendships

We never made a “sex tape.” We just filmed each other, always, and lived a sexy passionate life: sweet newlyweds. Just two crazy, naked people in love.

She describes her relationship with Tommy Lee, how their home videos were stolen and the content spliced together to create a “sex tape,” the eventual litigation during her pregnancy, and the strain on their lives.

The memoir also covers her various trysts, relationships, friendships, and keen participation in animal activism.

When I woke up, we had arrived at an estate, where armed guards with machine guns lined the driveway. We were introduced to our host, who preferred to speak in Russian, but there was an interpreter, who sat next to me.

She does use her platform (this book included) to promote awareness of Julian Assange.

MY FRIENDSHIP WITH JULIAN ASSANGE HAS BEEN INVIGORATING, sexy, and funny. Though his circumstances are not funny at all.

I tried to find more clever ways to help my friend, to bring attention to Julian’s wrongful incarceration. I engaged in a variety of public-facing missions. I took a job doing a commercial in Australia as an excuse to go to the country and meet Julian’s mom, Christine.


And lastly, the following quote for me summarizes Pamela Anderson’s unapologetic and uncompromising style and attitude in life -

But, I argued, I am who I am, which is a combination of all I know, and I’ve always believed that striving to be a sensual person, or being sexy, should not conflict with intelligence. Women have fought hard so that we do not need to limit ourselves. And this confirmed for me that I had to use all I had even more to get attention for what was right.

If the cartoon image of me was what got me through the door, so be it. And so I continued the work the only way I knew how. It was too late to turn back now, I thought—it would take time and effort to try to change people’s opinion of me.