Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher

This book is the written version of the one-woman act performed initially by Carrie Fisher in 2006.

It is a three-hour listen if you are picking up the audiobook. This book is biographical (to a degree) since it mixes a bit of genealogy and amusing anecdotes from particular moments in Carrie Fisher's life.

The audiobook is a hilarious listen, and Carrie Fisher does an excellent delivery of all the funny bits in this book.

Debbie Reynolds

I learned through this book that Carrie Fisher's Mom was Debbie Reynolds.

Carrie Fisher talks about her Mom's grace and beauty with fondness as she watched her dress up -

when she was completely finished, her Debbie Reynolds movie star accent got stronger, her posture got better, and she looked incredibly beautiful. When our mother dressed, the man behind the curtain became the great and powerful OZ.

Carrie Fisher amusingly notes one of the similarities between mother and daughter's first movie in Hollywood -

you see when she made that film (Singing in the Rain), she was 19 and co-starred with 2 men, well I was also 19 when I made Star Wars and also appeared opposite two men

Other Amusing Quotes

she took a musical in NY, which in Hollywood is a legal way to dissolve a union

another little challenge for Charles, was that his organs were dying inside his body… and the one on the outside didn’t work that well either

… which goes to show you that there is a lid for every pot.

My friends were worried about me, you know, I wasn’t talking … and I am essentially voice activated

Carrie Fisher’s Grandmotherly wisdom - Cry All you want, you’ll pee less