Crying in H Mart - Michelle Zauner


Michelle Zauner's autobiography centers around her Mom's struggle with cancer. In this regard, Zauner's audiobook narration is crucial in highlighting the personal and emotional nature of dealing with cancer. I was initially curious to read this book after learning that Michelle Zauner had a connection to the Greater Philly area.

Here are some key aspects that will remain with me as I remember this book -


The book personalizes much that a family goes through during treatment. The need for special diets, constant attention, and, importantly, the need for reliance on family and friends.

Food and Immigrants

Most immigrant communities forge and strengthen relationships at establishments centered around food. It is the H-Mart and Korean restaurants for Michelle and her Mom. Food is an easy catalyst for drumming childhood nostalgia for adults.

Doing the Work and Pursuing Dreams.

Most successes are built on years of effort and work - i.e., they don't come overnight. 

Michelle Zauner learned to play guitar and performed in several bands. It wasn't until years later that her record gets discovered. This discovery came when she was considering a career in corporate America. Her breakthrough in music resulted from doing the work and recognizing an opportunity when it presented itself.