Year Book - Seth Rogen

Overall, I thought that this was a very entertaining and hilarious read.

Seth Rogen's narration in the audiobook is a 5 out of 5, but I am giving this book a 4-point something. 

Like most autobiographies, this follows the well-executed recipe of starting from childhood and progressing through adulthood - while sharing funny anecdotes. Here are some of the anecdotes that stood out to me

Standup Comedy

Seth started doing standup as a kid with material based on his grandparents. This provided an opportunity to get paid as a writer - one time writing jokes for a Mohel.

“I used to work in Winnipeg, but I had to move to Vancouver. You see, there’s not a lot of work for a mohel who shivers uncontrollably. (This is a VERY Canadian joke.)”

Karate Classes

Seth took Karate classes as a kid and stuck to it… only to get disqualified from a Karate tournament.

I was, like, a brown belt, which is pretty good. I entered a tournament once, and I punched the guy in the throat and got disqualified. I realized - I don't know if you're familiar with "Karate Kid," but the bad guys in that are called Cobra Kai, and they're, like, the evil karate guys. And then when I went to the tournament, I realized that's what we were; we were like the Cobra Kai of the Jewish karate community.


Seth also details his frustration with Jack Dorsey's uneven approach to Twitter's verified check status. There is no clear-cut process for getting verified. Therefore in some cases, this status only serves to amplify voices and serves as an endorsement. Jack Dorsey would always deflect this argument claiming that Twitter did not have enough resources to satisfactorily solve this issue.


Lastly, several exciting and sometimes bizarre instances of meeting other celebrities for the first time
  • Nicholas Cage
  • Kanye
  • Tom Cruise
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Steve Wozniak
  • and very briefly, Beyonce